Friday, January 18, 2008


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As a vegan many people think that food option are limited. The reality is it only expands the horizons. I get to cook and enjoy foods from around the world. What's not to like about that!!! This is where I'll be sharing some of my favorites.  Hope you venture
out and give them a try too. 

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Random inspirational thoughts from my craft room, kitchen and life as a mom.  

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Hello. Let's get acquainted... I've numbered a few tidbits about myself. Feel free to share a few about you :) 

1. My name is Jessica Rosario.
2. I'm married to the most amazing and supportive husband in the world who cleans, does laundry, does the dishes, gives me days off, morning massages, etc... I'm blessed ;) 
3. We have a 4 year old girl who reminds us daily how awe inspiring life is.
4. I'm a stay at home mommy.
5. I love paper crafting.
6. I pursue God daily only to find out in the end that it was He who was pursuing me all along.
7. I've been a missionary in 5 countries.
8. I'm Gluten-Free.
9. I care about the earth. I recycle and try to live as green as I can.
10. My favorite color is rainbow because it's hard to choose just one.
11. I'm child number 2 out of 5.
12. I don't care for sweets. 
13. I've traveled extensively and yet dislike airplanes.
14. When no one is watching I love to sing really loud. 
15. One of my favorite memories... falling in love all over again with my husband (there's a story behind that).
16. If mangos grew all year round that would be my only meal.
17. I love vintage but nobody would know it :) 
18. I wish I had a green thumb. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
19. I worked as a lifestyle coach for 2 years and am hoping to get back to it.
20. I am a vegan cook (and no I don't eat just lettuce).
21. I rest the Sabbath day.
22. I've lectured in different countries (about health and the Christian faith).
23. I love to learn by reading, observing and listening to others stories.
24. I'm a New Yorker  living in California about to move to Oregon.
25. I enjoy blogging and getting acquainted with people like you.    

Feel free to share about yourself and leave a link I'd love to see what your up to :) 

Thanks for visiting and come by often :) 


Come on over. So glad you're here. Pull a chair and grab a cup of tea because this is where inspiration springs from. This list will be upgraded continually. So come back often ;)  


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