Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gold By The Shore

A week or so ago my husband, daughter and I went to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day. My daughter had a blast and she even had a little splash. Any how I was on a mission. I wanted to find sand dollars. You see I’m from NYC and beaches there aren’t necessarily the best (though I was grateful to have them while growing up). Well I got to the beach and besides seeing seals nearly on shore (I mean literally touching distance) I found Sand Dollars. I felt such an accomplishment!!! But the lessons I learned from this process is what I consider “gold”. You see for me searching for these sand dollars was pretty much likened to God looking for me. First of all there was a determination on my end to find these beautiful little sea treasures (just like God sent His Son to seek us and how earnestly did He seek). Second each one of them (sand dollars) were esteemed as priceless (isn’t that exactly how God sees us). Thirdly some were broken and fragile in much need of cleansing and care (the pain and devastation in this world goes beyond description and God in His infinite mercy takes us where we’re at and mends us very carefully for fear of more damage). Isn’t that beautiful. I tell you those sand dollars dirty though they were became precious in my eyes. After finding 5 or 6 whole ones (with the help of some friends) I carried them home. There the process of cleansing began . First I laid them gently in a deep bowl of warm water (for all the sand in them to wash out). Then I rinsed them and placed them in a solution of 1/2 part each of bleach and water. Oh the process was tedious and I was so impatient. Finally, after an hour or more the sand dollars were ready to be rinsed and dried for the last time (this time I had to wait till next day). The cleansing part reminded me of how God sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins to be washed and this was and is a gift to all who believe. The process may be long but the outcome is so worth it- to live a pure , peaceful & happy life. To enjoy freedom from my sins, those that kept me depressed for so long. This was all to wonderful!! That night I went to bed and thought to myself, I went in search of sand dollars and came home with gold!! I pray these lessons would stay with me for ever. The gift of a compassionate Saviour to take the time to pick some filth like me and care with such tender hands can only bring to words -AMAZING LOVE!!

Some day I’ll go again to that shore in search of more “gold”. For now I’ll enjoy the ones I have home :O)

Happy day!!

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