Friday, February 20, 2009

Kwerner Color Inspiration #42

Here it is the great day!! I always look forward to these challenges. They keep stretching our minds and allow us to explore the many color possibilities.

I love the sentiment on this card because it’s “truth”. The BIGNESS of our lives depend mostly on the little, insignificant everyday things. Often times these are the ones that bring the most joy!! Like the gentle holding of your husbands (wife’s) hand or the tenderest words uttered by you little ones; like I you. Maybe it’s as simple as taking a deep breath and saying Thank You Lord for another day. These and many more of the so called “little things” are the ones that build a foundation called security and a banner called love that allows us to live life to its fullest because we know who holds our heart. And when that {the heart} is safe we thrive, we succeed we are indeed joyfully fulfilled individuals. That’s BIG! That’s AMAZING! That’s the reason I love the sentiment on my card.

**a little better image :0)

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