Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Only Stamps!

I love this card. It’s simple and clean. I got this stamp set from Target. I believe Inkadinkado puts it out (except the branch with berries this is PTI’s Out on a Limb Set + the white cardstock). When I started making cards I went through stages (I don’t know if any of you can relate) first it was only stickers needless to say I dropped that quickly (only because my cards looked so tacky). I must say I’ve seen some beautiful cards made with stickers. But believe me mine looked nothing like that. Then it was only embellishments I made everything by hand; a little truck with cardstock and buttons, berries using fabric, strollers (I’d draw my own template) and so on. This I did for a while. Until my friends introduced me to stamping and I must say at first it seemed so boring and boy was I wrong. I was motivated and was determined I’d try the “stamping techniques”. My first impressions were horrible. I thought this stamping stuff was easy but believe me it takes skill (not this card I made) I’m talking of those cards that involve layers(overlapping stamped images) and mixing colors. It’s truly art at its finest. I stamps and ink, and paper, and... you get the point. Enjoy!!!

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