Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Never Alone

A few years ago I went to Portugal on a mission trip. My husband was there also. However, the very day we landed we received news that a close relative of his had passed away. A day or so later my husband had to take off leaving me behind to finish (start really) the work we had gone to accomplish there. The days that followed were probably the toughest. Think of it I was far from home, alone (due to the circumstances) in a place I didn’t understand the language, and on a mission trip (which already means hard work). I was in desperate need of a friend and there was none to be found. Tried calling back home in the US, no answer. The time change (9 hrs. difference) made matters worst as far as communicating goes. I went on my knees in prayer and I tell you there’s no friend like Jesus. He became my closest and most intimate friend. His presence brought peace to my troubled heart. Ever since in my most desperate times I’ve found Him to be faithfully waiting ready to hear and attend my cry. Jesus is indeed a treasure, a treasure I pray may stay in my heart.

Friends are dew drops sent from the very hands of Jesus to refresh our heart as we journey together :0)

As for the card- I love this color combo. Kraft cardstock, with some lavender, a few creamy swirls and punch out flowers with some bling as an accent. Simple, rustic and delicate!!



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