Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Memories

As a little girl I remember 4th of July being such a busy day. First thing in the morning my dad would be seasoning and getting foods ready for our noon picnic. We would haul a huge cart through the train station and take a 30-40 min train ride to Coney Island (NYC). We would stay there from like 9 am until 3 0r 4 pm. We had so much fun at the beach watching the Air Force perform their stunts. It was so loud but that didn't matter the show was phenomenal with red, white and blue smoke it was a sight not to be missed. After hanging out practically all day at the beach we would pack our little cart and haul it back home and get it ready for the evening. We would shower up have a small snack and a nap (for us kids). I grew up in Brooklyn facing the Hudson Bay so the view of the Statue of Liberty was always glorious at night especially 4th of July nights. We would drive (dad, mom, brother and me) to a small port near the Hudson and there we'd get ready to roast marshmallows and anything that could be roasted and wait for the show to begin. Fireworks filled the entire bay. The colors and sounds of fireworks always gave me the chills. I would imagine that's what it probably sounded like (even more) back then when the soldiers where fighting that last night before victory and freedom was gained.

What privilege we have to live in a free country. I thank God for allowing me to live here in this nation and I pray that I may make the best use of my freedom while I have it. To serve and be a blessing. Thanks to all those who today are in the front line fighting for our country.


Cardstock: Off White Linen
Stamps: G studio Star, Inkadinkado, Technique Tuesday
Ink: Palette Burnt Umber, L'Amore, Reflection Blue, Vintage Cream by PTI
Other: Brass Brads, sharpie pen

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travelingmama said...

What a wonderful memory and a very special way to spend the holiday! Your card is really great too!