Saturday, July 11, 2009

For the Joy of Cards

There's nothing like going to your craft corner (wherever that may be) pulling your chair, grabbing a stamp set some ink pads, paper and getting creative. Nothing says joy more clearly. Wouldn't you agree?!? I savour every opportunity I get in my craft room. It's therapy for me. This card came during one of my sessions ;) I had a liitle free time and with an idea already in mind I was able to produce this card in like 10 minutes or less. I love it when that happens.

Something I really find helpful when trying to maximize my time in my studio is carry with me a little sketch book and write or draw ideas. I normally describe what I am looking at (elegant, hip, simple, fresh, etc.) then I draw a simple lay out and write a couple of color combos that might go with that idea. That way next time I go to my studio I can go straight to create and not have to spend time thinking what to do (this works really well if you are on a tight schedule and still are in need of a little therapy) ;)
Now for my cleanse updates

Day 5 at a glance:

-6:30 woke up refreshed
-8:00 drank 16 0z hot water
-9:00 12 oz. green drink (kale, avocado, tomato, garlic, lemon juice, salt)
-1:30 12 oz green drink same as above
-6:00 5 leaves of rainbow swiss chard
-water till sleepy time :)


None. However, I did have a major tempatation. At around 8 pm my stomach began to growl. Hunger was the signal I was receiving from my brain. A signal I am very familiar with. The message was, "have a big bowl of crunchy sweet cereal". "Whole grain if you want". At that moment I happened to be in the kitchen a place my brain knows all too well. So, I did what I do best, follow orders. And there I was facing the pantry looking at the vast selection of cereals. Just as I was about to grab a box my conscience priked me and the battle began. Some call it reasoning. Little did I know how strong reason could be when it comes to hunger. I fought the thought and at the final moment just when I was about to open the box of cereal I cried out to my Lord. My conscience gained the victory over reason - my brain filled with habits I have formed for years now. I left the kitchen, turned the lights off, grabbed my guitar and began to play some songs of praise.

The moral of the story is... there's nothing that can deter you from your goal when you are committed. Not even hunger :)

"I can do all things through Christ who strenghthens me". Philipians 4:13


Cardstock: PTI's Kraft, Raspberry Fizz, Recycled Off White Bulk
Stamps: PTI's Damask (a Raspberry Suite Specialty), Out on a Limb
Ink: Opera Pink, Burnt Umber
Other: Scalloped Scissors, Ribbon, Mini Pearls

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