Monday, July 13, 2009

Heirloom Tomatoes

Today I am the happiest creature. Why? Because yesterday I succesfully finished my 7 day cleanse. It was the best experience I have ever had. I am praising the Lord with all my heart. I feel a big sense of accomplishment and gratitude :) At first the journey was bumpy but as time passed my body adjusted. By day 5 I was soaring. Anything is possible if we purpose in our heart to do it and if we find a good support group (or person).

My first raw food were these lovely tomatoes. I chopped these beauties up and added raw onion (sweet) lemon and salt. The flavor was heavenly (especially when you've been on a green drink fast). Heirloom tomatoes are by far my favorite. If you've never had one I highly recommend you go to Whole Foods (or wherever you can get them) and purchase one. Then you'll know what I mean :) You can also do a search and find out why they are so good and special (even though they are unappealing estetically).
Day 5 & 6 at a glance

-Both of these day where very similar to day 5 (you can view here)
the only difference was that I alternated my green drinks with collard greens, mustard greens (which was my least favorite-too spicy) and dandelion greens.

None. By day 6 I was used to my diet. I do recommend preparing a menu. It helps to stay focus. This is true whether you are fasting or not. If you prepare a weekly menu chances are you'll eat healthier, save money and time. I am going to begin a weekly menu for my family since it helped me so much during this week.

-I lost 5 inches from my body
-I love some green drinks and I am planning to incorporate them into my daily diet.
-My taste buds have become more senitive-meaning I eat simpler
-I eat less ( I feel like my stomach shrunk)
-I feel very light and clean inside (the weirdest thing)

**As far as clearer complextion I think I need a few more weeks of green drinks. I can't tell any difference. I did take some pics if I notice any differnce as I continue to take my daily green drinks I'll be sure to post the before and after.

That's it for today. Thanks for those of you who emailed to encourage me. That ment alot and honestly it helped me stay focus and fulfill my goal.


**Every Wednesday I'll have a post on health and food facts. Sometimes I'll include recipes (I promise I'll post them with pictures and I'll try it before sharing) :)

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