Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Wonderful Carrot

Yesterday was the 2nd day of my body cleanse. I am so excited to have completed two entire days. I didn't realize how much I love eating and how much I miss cooking until I have to give it up for a few days. My DH has been very supportive. He's been preparing meals for Moriah (our little girl) and himself. That's made it much easier for me to focus :)

Now for day 2 at a glance.
- I followed the same schedule as in day 1
-6:00 am woke up very energized ready for my 2nd day of cleansing
-9:00 am I drank 28 oz. of fresh homemade carrot juice to that I added my aloe vera juice (2 oz.)
-1:00 pm I drank 16 oz. carrot juice
-2:00 pm I took my second dose of psyllium husk
-The rest of the day was water with lime and cayenne pepper

-11:00 am felt hunger (didn't last long) :)
-4:00 pm felt very tiered and sleepy so I took a nap (I never nap during the day)
-6:00 pm felt a mild headache
-8:00 pm felt hunger (mild)

Overall status:
-Feel very good and optimistic. I can function during the day, run errands, smell food and not be tempted :) and play with my little girl.

Carrot Facts:
-Carrots have the highest content of carotene-the body converts this to vitamin A
-Excellent source of vitamin B and C
-Extraordinary source of calcium pectate (a pectin fiber that has been found to lower cholesterol)
-It's better to eat cooked (or juiced) in order to assimilate more nutrients
`**when cooking do not peel (10% of the nutrients are in the peel) or chop cook whole instead and chop once is done**

Try adding some carrots into your diet and reap the benefits of this super nutrient packed food.

Have a great day!
I'll be back later with another card creation :)


naomi said...

Congratulations. I'm battling with food addiction. IM not winning. I'm not big but its a problem. I admire what you are doing. Do you work during the day? If so how do you deal with this at work?? I work full time I'd like to try fasting/cleansing but worry that it may affect my work.

Keep up the good work. You are helping to motivate me.

Jessica said...

Hi Naomi,
First of all thanks for stopping by and the pat on the back it's been a battle but it's totally worth it. The way I manage to follow my plan while out and about is by taking a thermos with me. I fill it up with my green drink and off I am with all my supplements in little container (they don't need to be refrigerated and most are powders). The tuffest day for me was Monday which was my very first day. I was dizzy and had a mild headache (not too bad). Maybe you could start on a weekend (or whenever you have days off) that way the worst is gone (which is not really that bad) :)
Best of Wishes and do tell me how it all works out for you.