Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Detail

I love giving gifts. Especially since I'm a bit shy a handmade card or gift is the perfect medium for me to communicate how grateful I am.
For todays post I have a card I created as a gift for a special someone using my recently purchased Solidago Sprig stamp (it's an oldy but with so much class). I had my eye on this one for a while. When I received my 50% off coupon I knew it was time to make the purchase :) Can any of you relate?? *smiles*

The card turned out better than I envisioned it. Even though it is a Spring sort of card I had to give it try. To pair it up as a gift, I bought Bath & Body Works room spray Lavender Chamomile, have any of you tried it?? It has this lovely fresh, clean and subtle scent that can be used all year round :) Perfect gift for a special hostess, or going away gift for college students even to treat a special girlfriend (which I will do) or yourself. After all friendship and caring is all demonstrated in those little details, right.

Hope you have a great jumpstart to your week. Looking forward to sharing more creations and another Back to Genesis.

Have a great day!!

Cardstock: Recycled bulk off white, PTI's Plum Pudding
Stamps: Solidago Sprig Rubber Stampede, PTI's Mixed Messages
Ink: Palette Lavender Sachet, Martha Stewart's pink geranium for details
Other: Ranger's Distress Ink frayed burlap, Stickles Star Dust, Tombo Marker 076 to trace branch

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Very Special Birthday Card

Todays card is a very special card. My husband's grandmother's birthday is coming up so I wanted my daughter (2 year old) to help me create it. I wanted it pretty yet simple enough for my daughter to help and not get frustrated. I think this was the perfect little card we could come up with.

I gave her the stamp, gave her ink, taped the card base to the table over lots of paper to protect her desk and she knew exactly what to do, stamp till there was no more space. So, she created this lovely background all I added was the sentiment and the felt flower. Not bad for a 2 year old!!! Gotta start'em early ;0)

Thanks for stoping!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Don't forget next Wednesday my Back to Genesis 003 (see here) post and very soon I'll also be posting Little Sprouts & Catalyst (see here)


Cardstock: Basic White
Stamp: Hampton Art G studio
Ink: Hampton Art A la Mode Pink, Palette Burnt Umber
Other: Felt flowers, brad

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Early Bird

Happy Thursday :)

I just bought a few Recollections Stamp sets: Don't bug me, Zoo-licious and the one I used for todays card Winter Wonderland. They are $6.99 @ Michael's (plus remember the 40% off any item coupon) Only reason I'm sharing this is because I am a bargain shopper and I get excited when I find things I like at affordable prices :0) There are a few more stamps I have my eye on but I have to budget myself. We can still spend alot on bargain priced items ;)

Now for the fun stuff. I made an early x-mas card with one of my new sets. Very simple card but again if you follow my blog you'll realize that I like simple and clean designs. I used a smaller than usual base for my card simply because it was in my scraps stash (actually all the pieces in this card are from my scrap stash) the little corner at the upper left is an old little trick where you cut out a heart and fold it even. I just did this because I felt the card was a little off balance if you know what I mean. I used my white gel pen to create a little snow border on top of the pink striped strip of paper. And as for the sentiment it is handwritten. I'm in desperate need of some sentiments particularly quotes. That will be my next bargain hunt :) Anyway that's pretty much it for this card. Pretty easy, huh!!

Thanks for stopping by and remember Back to Genesis 003 next Wednesday here on my blog :)

Have a great day!!!

Cardstock: PTI's Kraft, Spring Moss, Carolyn Gavin pattern paper
Stamps: Recollections Winter Wonderland (sentiment is handwritten)
Ink: Memento Pear Tart, Burnt Umber
Other: Stickles, white gel pen

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to Genesis 002 Nutrition (Breakfast)

**please bare with me I'm trying to keep this as short as possible and yet include resourceful information** :0)

Good day every one I am so excited to share another health nugget this morning I'm posting on my favorite meal of the day and also the one that is neglected the most...Breakfast.

Did you know:

-Children perform better on standardized achievement tests and have less behavior problems in school. When they have breakfast. (Pediatrics, January, 1998; Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, February, 1998)

-Helps our mental capability more efficient problem solving, improved memory, increased verbal fluency, improved attention span and better attitudes. Just by adding a good wholesome breakfast. (Bonnie Spring, Ph.D. , University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School, Proof Positive Neil Nedley, M.D.).

-Break the fast that's what breakfast is all about. As we know, fasting is the act of not eating over a period of time. Most people do not eat for up to 12 hours between the time of their evening meal and breakfast on the following day – during this time their energy levels fall. The first meal of the day is the most important because it supplies the body and brain with the necessary nutrients after a night’s sleep.The act of eating breakfast is literally breaking the fast!

-Keeps you thin. You'll eat less calories during the day because a great percentage of our nutritional needs are met at breakfast plus you won't be tempted to eat anything that comes your way :)

-A longevity factor Eating breakfast is one of the 7 listed most important longevity factores according to the Alameda County study.

So what are we to eat for breakfast. Choose the best of the best. Quality health depends on every cell of our body getting the proper nutrients to perform its task. The old saying "you are what you eat" is true. Breakfast should provide at least one third to one half of the days calories. It should be high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. Jump start your day with whole grain cereal, whole grain bread, a couple of pieces of fresh fruit and you'll notice the difference.

Select a diet of whole plant foods- fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. Complex carbohydrates should make up 65-75% of our caloric intake, fat, 15-20% and protein, 10-12%. Prepare food simply, using it in its most natural state, for optimum nutrition. Avoid processed and refined foods. Chew food thoroughly.

Go here for my yummy Tofu Scramble Brunch recipe (image above)

A final word:
All the Lord desires is for us to prosper in everything even in health and this has been His intentions since it all began, Back in Genesis :)
hope you have a great day!!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quick Stop

Hello, hello,

Just wanted to stop quickly and share another of my card creations. This card is so simple (I mean it). I had a piece of K&Company Carolyn Gavin patterned cardstock on my desk I took it cut the pieces and added adhesive to them, a few eyelets and a sentiment and ta-dan!!! Simple, huh!! I love how bright little squares look on the dark chocolate cardstock.

Don't forget tomorrow Back to Genesis 002 Nutrition (Breakfast) This nugget (post) is a reminder of the importance and benefits of breakfast the too often neglected meal. Don't miss it!! See you tomorrow :)


Cardstock: Bazzil Dark Chocolate, Carolyn Gavin pattern paper
Stamp: PTI's Quilter's Sampler
Ink: PTI's Vintage Cream
Others: eyelets

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just a Note

Today I have a card I created for a dear friend. I wanted something clean and simple. I love how this card turned out. The colors are bold and cheery- perfect for a friend. (If any of you have any tips or know of a user friendly website on how to do color correction using iphoto please share the goods I'm having a difficult time with this). Thanks!!

Just as a reminder:

Back to Genesis Health Nuggets every Wednesday here on my blog. I'll be covering Nutrition (Breakfast) so stop by and invite a friend or two.

Also... Coming Soon Little Sprouts and Catalyst. These are all additions to my blog posts I'll still have lots of cards to share with you :)

Hope you find many tokens of God's love during this week :)


Cardstock: PTI's Berry Sorbet
Stamps: PTI's Quilter's Sampler
Ink: PTI's Berry Sorbet, Palette Burnt Umber
Others: Markers, White gel pen, paper piercer

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge 15

I'm so excited!! It's been a while since I've played along with a color challenge.
Dawn always has great ideas especially when it comes to color coordination. This weeks pallete is very summery and pretty :) I had a little struggle finding colors that were similar to these (I was missing melon berry and hibiscus burst). Once I found the closest I was ready to create. I chose a simple vintage sort of card. A while ago I found at my local craft store this gorgeous lace I'm glad I was able to put it to use :)

Thanks for visiting :)

Cardstock: PTI's Spring Moss, other cardstock from my bits and pieces stash ;)
Stamps: PTI's Quilters Sampler
Ink: Color Box Moss, Palette Burnt Umber
Others: lace, mini staples

Friday, August 21, 2009

Simple Card

I just wanted to drop by with a simple card I just made :) I'm trying to come up with a cute and easy to replicate birthday invitation card
for my little girl who's turning 3 (sigh).

It couldn't get simpler...this card only has 2 pieces of paper (the grid and scallop border).

Don't forget Wednesday Back to Genesis: 002 Nutrition
Health is multifaceted. It's a combination of nutrition, exercise, proper amount of fresh air, water, sunshine, abstinence of harmful substances, healthy relationships, and trust in God. Every Wednesday I'll be posting on one of these topics (in addition to others). Please stop by if you have any questions feel free to post them and I'll do my best to answer them. I'm not a doctor however, I am a trained Lifestyle Health Coach who's purpose is to equip and provide you with the necessary tools to make educated lifestyle changes :)

Coming Soon

*Little Sprouts (every Monday) is a post dedicated to parenting and everything along those lines particularly character development. We live in a society with decaying values and it is up to us parents in our humble abode to train up our children to be citizens that will rebuild our nation to a higher standard. That's a huge commitment. I'm not there yet but I can proudly say that's my goal. I'll also post kid friendly crafts, activities that involve parent/child and inspirational thoughts from time to time from experts.

Another post that's beginning here at my Blog-O is *Catalyst (every Friday) this post is dedicated to all who are weary and heavy burdened by everyday cares. This will be one of my very favorite posts to write. I am passionate about my Creator and through my blog I hope to share my journey as a christian while leaving a trail of gems in the form of promises, inspiration and compelling thoughts that will provoke you unto good deeds.

*Dates to be announced.


Cardstock: PTI's Kraft, K&Company Carolyn Gavin Pattern Paper, Bazill Espresso (scallop border)
Other: corner rounder, white gel pen

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Be Healthy Be Happy

Back To Genesis: 001

Back in 2001 I attended a Lifestyle and Wellness Missionary School. The experiece I gained there was outstanding. I learned the basic principles of organic agriculture, Massage, Hydrotherapy & Gourmet Vegan Cooking. While I was a student I got to participate in every one of these fields. The field I dedicated the most time however was the Lifestyle Center (Health Spa). The inspiration was overwhelming. It was so powerful to see people come to our center with certain ailements and 3 weeks later see them go as if new all because they received simple treatments (like the ones I mentioned above). That's when I rely gained an interest in natural, healthy and simple living. And that's what I want to share with you. I want to pass on this wonderful knowledge that is simple enough to do in the comfort of your home. With out further ado I introduce the very first Back to Genesis health nugget.

A while back ( January 2006) I remember receiving in the mail the Times magazine. The front cover really caught my attention as many of them do (aren't they great at that) any how I placed it on my "apple juice" table (we don't drink coffee at home) :0) to read later on. Needless to say a few days went by before I picked it up. When I did it was game over. The studies where very compelling. If you didn't recieve this copy of the Times Magazine, I highly suggest you get it. It's that good!!


All I read in the magazine and what I later on reasearched for myself can be simplified in 9 basic points:

1. *Have a sense of wonder. Remember to find joy in all the little things that come our way. It's easier to face everyday concerns when you've "consider the lilies". You get the feeling that everything is going to be OK.

2. *Exercise. Studies have shown that exercise can in fact improve our mood therefore enhancing our health. So whenever you have a chance, as a matter of fact schedule in some body moving time 3 days a week 30 minute exercises is all it takes to reap the benefits :0) Not bad, aye!!

3. Face your fears & challenges. I read a long time ago a saying that said, "A difficult [fearful] situation can be handled in two ways: we can either do something to change it or face it. If we can do something, then why worry and get upset over it-just change it. If there is nothing we can do, again why worry and get upset over it? Things will not get better with anger and worry." ever since I've applied this principle to my life and it has made the road alot smoother.

4. Love your work. So much of our time and energy goes into our work. If we are not satisfied we are truly wasting "life" and with life comes health. When we read succes stories from businesses most of the time if not always they attained such remarkable results because they loved what they where doing. Find your passion. What are you good at and venture out with courage and love every bit of it.

5. Follow your heart. Even Jesus would like to grant us the desires of our heart. Why not pursue it. If it's noble, pure and true go for it. Chances are you'll be one happy soul and the benefits you'll reap will many a fold.

6. Limit television. The average American home has the TV on for at least 6 hours. The number of hours of TV watched annually by Americans is 250 billion. Aren't those number insane. Maybe you and I are not part of that percentage but either way we can use the time we spend in front of our home theater doing something more constructive like choosing a hobby. It can be as simple and inexpensive as bird watching or drawing to more sophisticated like taking a sewing class or join a knitting/crochet club, photography etc. You'll feel more fulfilled than watching an hour or so of tv.

7. Believe in yourself. We are constantly bombarded by media and ads telling us who we need to look like what we need to do in order to be accepted, what to wear and even how to think. With all this flashing in our faces constantly it's no wonder there are so many cases of depression diagnosed yearly. We need to take ownership of ourselves. No one determines who and what we become. We need to be happy with who we are and excell in the gifts God has granted us. Then we'll really begin to believe and accept ourselves. Natural chain reaction. Happy me, happy them, health begins and moods vanish away. Count me in :)

8. Stay close to friends and family. A high percentage of affairs occur not because one party lost physical interest in the other but because somewhere along the way they lost connection. Children run off with bad associations for the same reason. Be loved and be known by those who care about you most. Respect and listen to their needs and while your at it voice yours in a kind and gentle way. Educate yourself in the art of communication (especially us ladies). Have fun and laugh with your kids and spouse.
And dedicate some wholesome, constructive quality time with your friends. This will trully bring the happiness and health. (A great book on relationships is Dr. Smalley's DNA of Relationships and DNA of relationships for Couples).

*I'll have an entire segment on the topic

Hopefully you've enjoyed todays very simple yet to the point health nugget. Visit again every Wednesday for more Back to Genesis health nuggets. Keep an eye out for my Little Sprouts Monday and Catalyst Friday.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back on Track

After so many days on the road, staying at old friends homes, asked to come to dinner at others and meeting new ones... I knew one of the first tasks when I got home was to create Thank You cards. I wanted to make a design that was simple enough to replicate and yet maintained a fresh chic look to it. To me this was the winner.

This week I'm officially back on track. I have lots of fun stuff prepared. Including "Back To Genesis". Every Wednesday I'll be posting simple little health nuggets that will include food health facts, nutritional value and *recipes. Hope you can join me an invite others :)

Coming Soon
Dates to be announced

"Little Sprouts" keep an eye out for this on going segment Mondays here on my Blog-O. If you have children ages 0-5 you'll definately won't want to miss this one.

"Catalyst" is another ongoing post I am working on where I and special guests will share inspiring thoughts and reflections. Refresh your soul and invigorate your mind with this provocative and compelling post every Friday.

I'll be posting dates soon. Keep an eye out. I'll keep posting my cards and other crafty projects as well :)

Thanks so much for bearing with me during my absence. See you soon!!!

Cardstock: Papertrey Ink Kraft, Carolyn Gavin (patterned paper)
Stamp: Quilter's Sampler
Ink: Palette Burnt Umber, Color Box Amber & Bronze (flower)
Other: Pearls, die cut flower from Maya Road

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello, Hello!!

It's been 3 weeks since my last post (shame on me). I did not intend for it to go this long. I was out of town (last minute decision church event) and where I was there was no internet or cell phone range :0* I'm finally back but now I am off to another convention and vacation. My husband and I (and our little girl) will be going on a mini road trip from California to Arizona ( I love that place). After we leave the convention we'll be taking time to explore Arizona, then San Diego and all it's charm (Zoo, Sea World, Museums, Fine Dining, Old Town, La Jolla Cove, etc) I am so excited. I'll share pictures of our adventure as we go. I also have have a list of crafty spots :) You can't have a vacation with out stopping at new scrappy place :)

For those of you who followed my blog during my fast. I still have the inches of and am definitely eating more conscious. I did however eat my very first full on cupcake. And it was delish. As I write this it just hit me I didn't even stop to take pictures of them they were so cute. Oh, well I'll have to do it again :) Maybe I'll try a new place while I'm traveling ;)

Have a blessed week and I promise I won't leave for this long again without informing yall :)


Cardstock: PTI's Kraft, K&Company Carolyn Gavin Pattern Paper
Stamps: Rubber Impress, PTI's Mixed Messages
Ink: Versa Color Sea Breeze, Palette Burnt Umber
Other: Michael's $1 bin faux rhinestones & Scallop and Circle Nestabilties