Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Be Healthy Be Happy

Back To Genesis: 001

Back in 2001 I attended a Lifestyle and Wellness Missionary School. The experiece I gained there was outstanding. I learned the basic principles of organic agriculture, Massage, Hydrotherapy & Gourmet Vegan Cooking. While I was a student I got to participate in every one of these fields. The field I dedicated the most time however was the Lifestyle Center (Health Spa). The inspiration was overwhelming. It was so powerful to see people come to our center with certain ailements and 3 weeks later see them go as if new all because they received simple treatments (like the ones I mentioned above). That's when I rely gained an interest in natural, healthy and simple living. And that's what I want to share with you. I want to pass on this wonderful knowledge that is simple enough to do in the comfort of your home. With out further ado I introduce the very first Back to Genesis health nugget.

A while back ( January 2006) I remember receiving in the mail the Times magazine. The front cover really caught my attention as many of them do (aren't they great at that) any how I placed it on my "apple juice" table (we don't drink coffee at home) :0) to read later on. Needless to say a few days went by before I picked it up. When I did it was game over. The studies where very compelling. If you didn't recieve this copy of the Times Magazine, I highly suggest you get it. It's that good!!


All I read in the magazine and what I later on reasearched for myself can be simplified in 9 basic points:

1. *Have a sense of wonder. Remember to find joy in all the little things that come our way. It's easier to face everyday concerns when you've "consider the lilies". You get the feeling that everything is going to be OK.

2. *Exercise. Studies have shown that exercise can in fact improve our mood therefore enhancing our health. So whenever you have a chance, as a matter of fact schedule in some body moving time 3 days a week 30 minute exercises is all it takes to reap the benefits :0) Not bad, aye!!

3. Face your fears & challenges. I read a long time ago a saying that said, "A difficult [fearful] situation can be handled in two ways: we can either do something to change it or face it. If we can do something, then why worry and get upset over it-just change it. If there is nothing we can do, again why worry and get upset over it? Things will not get better with anger and worry." ever since I've applied this principle to my life and it has made the road alot smoother.

4. Love your work. So much of our time and energy goes into our work. If we are not satisfied we are truly wasting "life" and with life comes health. When we read succes stories from businesses most of the time if not always they attained such remarkable results because they loved what they where doing. Find your passion. What are you good at and venture out with courage and love every bit of it.

5. Follow your heart. Even Jesus would like to grant us the desires of our heart. Why not pursue it. If it's noble, pure and true go for it. Chances are you'll be one happy soul and the benefits you'll reap will many a fold.

6. Limit television. The average American home has the TV on for at least 6 hours. The number of hours of TV watched annually by Americans is 250 billion. Aren't those number insane. Maybe you and I are not part of that percentage but either way we can use the time we spend in front of our home theater doing something more constructive like choosing a hobby. It can be as simple and inexpensive as bird watching or drawing to more sophisticated like taking a sewing class or join a knitting/crochet club, photography etc. You'll feel more fulfilled than watching an hour or so of tv.

7. Believe in yourself. We are constantly bombarded by media and ads telling us who we need to look like what we need to do in order to be accepted, what to wear and even how to think. With all this flashing in our faces constantly it's no wonder there are so many cases of depression diagnosed yearly. We need to take ownership of ourselves. No one determines who and what we become. We need to be happy with who we are and excell in the gifts God has granted us. Then we'll really begin to believe and accept ourselves. Natural chain reaction. Happy me, happy them, health begins and moods vanish away. Count me in :)

8. Stay close to friends and family. A high percentage of affairs occur not because one party lost physical interest in the other but because somewhere along the way they lost connection. Children run off with bad associations for the same reason. Be loved and be known by those who care about you most. Respect and listen to their needs and while your at it voice yours in a kind and gentle way. Educate yourself in the art of communication (especially us ladies). Have fun and laugh with your kids and spouse.
And dedicate some wholesome, constructive quality time with your friends. This will trully bring the happiness and health. (A great book on relationships is Dr. Smalley's DNA of Relationships and DNA of relationships for Couples).

*I'll have an entire segment on the topic

Hopefully you've enjoyed todays very simple yet to the point health nugget. Visit again every Wednesday for more Back to Genesis health nuggets. Keep an eye out for my Little Sprouts Monday and Catalyst Friday.

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