Thursday, September 17, 2009


Time seems to fly especially once I became a mom. I love the task (mommy hood) though sometimes I must confess I feel insecure and become too aware of my shortcomings. I don't call it discouragement I call it enlightenment. I don't like to feel like I can do everything or know everything-especially when it comes to parenting. Simply because I don't. As a matter of fact I'm always in the look out for tips and counsel. I like to know that when I fall short (and trust me it comes on a daily basis around here) somewhere near by a helping hand will raise me up and tell me, "it's ok".

Often times I find my strength in my little girl. She's to young to understand it now but I have chronicled every bit of it. She's the fuel that keeps me going on those days I want to drag my feet and simply give up.

Another source of comfort is my husband. Sometime I feel as though words don't do justice to describe how and what I feel for this man. He's my spiritual mentor, my companion, my lover and best friend. He's seen me in the pit and with tender loving hands has always invited me to come back up. Never has he spoken harshly nor forced me to speak when I was silent (us ladies no how to do that too well sometimes). He's a listening ear when I just want to speak my heart out {and let me tell I could be long winded at times} he enjoys my presence and has never criticized my food. He loves being at home and helps keep it clean. I mean, is this a dream??

However, my greatest source of encouragement when disheartened and about to crumble apart is Jesus. He's kept my feet from stumbling and when I do fall he's right there to comfort and guide me. I'm so overwhelmed with joy at the thought of it. And for that I am grateful. I'm grateful that he keeps me in check sort of speak. That He reminds me of where I've come and tenderly steers my life to where it should be. As a parent this is absolutely priceless. Parenting with Him {Jesus} has been so special I've learned so much. The greatest thing though, is knowing I have yet so much more knowledge to gain. Let me just say it this way... a lifetimes worth. Now that's enlightening :)

*My husband made the birthday e-card for all our distant friends and relatives. I love the way it turned out.

Have a great day!!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely post and your daughter is so cute.