Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Because Moments

Everyday we have the opportunity to surprise and bring a little bit of unexpected joy to someones life. Simply because we delight in doing good to others. Especially those we love.

I've experienced my own set of surprising and unexpected events. Some good and some not so good. Today I just want to pause and share the good Jesus has done for me. Just because!!

I remember when I was a teen. I was making some changes in my life (for good) I was considering giving my life to Jesus and as I was making serious commitments to myself and friends. I recall one day in particular praying to God asking Him to show me whether He wanted me to be a missionary for Him or not (that's a story of it's own). And as a young lady I asked for a sign. For me to know it was the Lord who was calling me to be a missionary I had to see a shooting star. That was the sign. Not just any shooting star anywhere but one that left a trail and that could be seen through the window of the balcony of my home in Puerto Rico and it had to occur by the time I finished my prayer and opened my eyes. Sure enough, the very moment I finished my prayer and opened my eyes there was the sign. Words fail me express the feeling and thoughts that ran through my mind that warm night at 2 am in the balcony of my home. I really don't think it was a coincidence. So the very next day I got on the phone canceled all my college classes and approximately 2 weeks later I embarked on my journey as a missionary. I had the privilege to serve in Honduras, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Spain and other. Still to this day I serve in full time ministry :)

Another unexpected event was when my now husband and I where dating. Marriage is a serious commitment. And I was not a girl that was constantly dating as a matter of fact I never really had a boyfriend till I met my husband. So when he came along I sensed a long term commitment and I was terrified. I didn't know if I was ready for marriage. So again I prayed and asked for another sign. We where about to celebrate our fourth month of dating (remember those days ?!?) :) and I prayed to God to please grant me peace in my heart that this is the man I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with. So the sign that only He and I knew... a 12 dozen bouquet of white roses with a single red rose in the center. Pretty scary to place my relationship on such petition, huh!!! I like to take risks :) and oh how I placed my trust in Jesus not the sign. I didn't know my boyfriend (my hubby now) was going to send me anything. I was just battling with uncertainty in our relationship and I didn't want to pursue anything if it was not meant to be. So this was a sincere cry to God during a difficult time. So the day of our four months celebration came. He's in New York City at the time (working) and I am all the way in Oregon studying. As I went to class a good friend of mine comes with a huge smile and tells me I need to go to the office to pick up some parcel. So I go to the office and there on top of the table is a 12 dozen white rose bouquet with a single red rose on the center. I was shocked, didn't know what to think so I cried and praised Jesus. The Lord always comes through for those who trust. A few weeks after that my boyfriend came to visit and I told him about the whole experience. He was in shock and upset (to the point of calling and complaining) when I told Him I received 12 dozen bouquet of white roses and a single red because that's not what he had ordered. He had chosen a completely different flower arrangement. Then I told I told him my side of the story and what the flower arrangement meant to me :) He was so thankful it occurred.

The reason I share this is because in many ways God always seems to surprise me. He doesn't have to answer my silly petitions. Yet He knows how much it means to me and out of love I believe he helps and aids providence to illumine my way. And all really, just because!!

And for todays card I have a simple Just Because card I created for a friend of mine. It's not a special occasion I just want to surprise her and tell her she was in my thoughts today. After all it's the thought that counts, right?

Hope you have a wonderful day. And if you have someone you haven't seen in a while drop a few lines for them (snail mail or email). They might be in desperate need of encouragement and you might just be aiding an angel :)

**Thanks for bearing with me for this lengthy post**
I'll have my Back to Genesis post next week

Cardstock: PTI's Kraft, Bulk recycled
Stamps: The Paper Company Eco- Friendly set, A Muse
Ink: G Studio green , blue, PTI's Vintage Cream. Palette Burnt Umber
Other: Recollections Rhinestones, brown felt marker, masking tape for borders


Craft u Crazy said...

I love this card, its very ethnic and I love that since I'm from South Africa. Your stuff is lovely and inspiring. I would love it if you popped over to my bolg some time.

Kind regards
Adele James
Craft u Crazy
South Afric

PaperTree Designs said...

What beautiful stories and what a pretty card. The stories dont surprise me at all. ;-) God is good! I love him too!

Maile Belles said...

Wow, Jessica!!! This is an amazing card and story! God is so Good! I am always amazed by Gods Glory and Power, but yet... he loves us so much, enough to be concerned about every single detail in our lives!