Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Painters Tape

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! Today I have a card and matching bookmark I created a while ago. To create it I used tape. That's right!!! I used painters tape (the green one) for delicate surface. You can find it at Walmart or Home Depot.

To create this card you simply choose your color scheme, position the tape and with your stamping ink color in between. Simple, huh!!!

A little tip to ensure your tape is straight it's best to use some sort of grid background like a cutting mat. So you can position the tape evenly. I used my quilting cutting mat.

That's all for now I am super busy today doing some photo editing (it's not my forte). I'll be back later with a super easy and very yummy recipe: Vegan Carob cake with Chocolate Raspberry Ganache filling :)

Have a lovely day!!!

Cardstock: The Paper Company Linen Cardstock White
Stamps: Out on a Limb
Ink: Versa Magic Sea Breeze & Mango Madness, Color Box Moss Green, Yellow Citrus & Amber Clay, Palette Burnt Umber
Other: Painters Tape Delicate Surface


PaperTree Designs said...

This is fabulous. Ive tried and tried to find this in Australia but havent been able. Now you have inspired me to get out and try again! LOL.

Courtney Baker said...

How fun is that? Can't wait to see this recipe you say is 'easy', it sounds hard to me :).

Martha said...

Jessica, I just found your blog. WOW! Your cards are so clean and simple and yet the negative space is gorgeous. Most card makers have to have 10+ layers and colors and embellishments on every corner and nothing is left "bare". You are fantastic in how you use the negative space, where the design "isn't." I do have a request. Your blog font is small and difficult to read. Consider making it larger and maybe a different color for us "four eyes" who are over the hill. Thanks for your wonderful designs. Hugs

travelingmama said...

This is wonderful! I've had my eye on colored tapes for a while- I love the look of simple elegance!