Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blessed To Be A Blessing

Hi ya'll!!! I just wanted to pop in quickly to share a little bit about this special company I recently discovered through Jessica Howard. It's called Sweet Hope. Derek and Lisa Lindholm (founders of Sweet Hope) share their lovely and inspiring story of adoption. I encourage you to visit them. Their mission and commitment to this cause is awe inspiring.

Sweet Hope sells handmade truffles and caramels all dressed up for the holidays in a 100% material recycled box finished with a red or white bow. Now, how cool is that!! And you know what's even better... 100% of their profits goes directly to the mission (Khabarovsk, Russia).

I can't wait to place an order myself. Never tried them so I am super thrilled. Their next sale will be November 9-27 (you can go here for details).

You can help spread the word by snatching one of their super cute bee buttons. I already have mine.

It's so encouraging to know that their are awesome people committed to God who are willing to spend their lives to help others. This, my friends, in simple terms is the Gospel!!



Stephanie said...

Yahoooo Jessica!! Conrats on your Moxie Fab win :)

Vanessa said...

YEEEEAH, Congrats on your fab Moxie Fab win!!!


Amy said...

This is a fab cause, I will definitely check it out. BTW - I left you something on my blog! :)

Elle said...

Thanks for the plug. You'll love the candy... trust me.