Monday, October 19, 2009

Patterns, Patterns...

Happy Monday, everyone!!! Hope you had a lovely weekend!! Lately I've been trying to incorporate pattern backgrounds to my cards. And for me this is a difficult task. It seems as when I create a card using patterned background my focal point gets lost. Needless to say I've shone away from it for a while.

However, we all know how fun it is to create a patterned background. The versatility of the many stamps that are being manufactured lately calls for one to create loads of patterns in whatever size, color or shape. Not to mention the cost effectiveness of it ;)

A little while ago I had fun creating this pattern. I used two Papertrey Ink stamp sets. But again it's still on my card stock bin waiting to be put to good use. Hopefully I'll create something with it today and share with you tomorrow :)

1. Stamp the grid.

2. Then I stamped my circle image (I stamped it with PTI's vintage cream so do allow it to dry before you stamp your first Guide Lines image) and then I filled it in with one of my Guide Lines images.

3. Stamp my 2nd Guide Lines image inside the circle.

4. My finished piece is a little blurry, sorry!! I'll post a better picture. I just wanted you to get an idea of what it looks like :)

Simple enough, isn't it?

Are you into pattern paper?? Do you find it easy to incorporate it in your projects?? I would love to see your best use of pattern paper (homemade would be great too) I can use all the inspiration I can for this one. I know Debbie Olson seems to be the queen in this area. I love her work :)

Hope you were inspired to create a pattern paper!! You'll be surprised how many backgrounds you can come up with, with the stamp sets you already posses.


Cardstock: Papertrey Ink Kraft
Stamps: Papertrey Ink Guide Lines I, Boxes, Bags & Tags
Ink: Papertrey Ink vintage cream, Palette burnt umber, Martha Stewart's deep sea


Laural-Lee said...

I love making my own patterned paper when I don't have any dp that will do my focal point any justice and when I want a softer pattern I use versa mark or same colour ink as the cs.

You did wonderful with those grid lines and making me think of buying my own set.

Jessica said...

That's a clever idea I had forgotten about versa mark. Thanks!! I do love Guide Lines can't wait to purchase the other two sets :)

Kelley Eubanks said...

Your paper looks great!! I have a very hard time using pp and I have a ton of it! I love it but sometimes feel like I don't know how to use it!

Debbie Olson said...

I think you did a fabulous job with this! I love your color scheme, and your pattern stamping is spot-on too. I have to confess that I shy away from darker color when I'm stamping with Guidelines because I invariably get one think mis-stamped when I'm almost finished. . . Yours is courageous and perfect! I have two sheets of stamped Mega Guidelines sitting on my windowsill waiting for inspiration. . .

Maile Belles said...

Wow Jessica your hand stamped PP is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you creat with it. I too struggle with using PP!

Vanessa said...

This paper is amazing, Jessica!! Love it! I have to try using my Guidelines stamps again - I wasn`t satisfied with my results so far! I love using patterned paper, it often inspires me a lot - but I usually stay with polka dots or grid patterns, so it is not sooo patterned!


btw: Great Britain is vegetarian wonderland! I have been there and loved it! Even in the smallest village you are provided with vegetarian food and no one looks at you like you are a bit strange ;)

Winter said...

WOW! That turned out great! I LOVE the colors! I think I need to get that set! :)

Laura B. said...

I love this, love this, love this, gotta get this set now, too!!!