Thursday, November 26, 2009

Like A Shadow

Thanksgiving Day to me is a reminder. A day I celebrate... daily. Every morning when I rise till when I go to sleep is a constant reminder of the Goodness of God. We teach this virtue to our children, "honey, we say, did you say thank you? And yet though we say it and practice it daily there's nothing like coming together to embrace the spirit of the season on this special day, why?

Because we are wired from way back when with a sense of community and belonging.

When Jesus came to this earth he supped with his disciples and followers. And though the Last Supper is part of a different holiday I believe it has so much more to do with Thanksgiving than anything else.

As they were there at the table confused, afraid, pierced to their hearts by the things this Man [Jesus] was saying of the death He would suffer there was still a sense of community, of surrender, of trust and sacrificial giving. Though the experience was bitter it later proved to be the most glorious one; when the tomb burst opened on that third day!! Thank You, Thank You Jesus!!! When the disciples and His followers received power, it was an awesome day. That erie evening around that table became a monument of joy because they understood what He meant.

That bitter day around that table shall be no more the next glorious event will be when we sit around that other table with Jesus and sup with Him. Never again to depart, where all tears shall be wiped away, where there will be no sickness, pain, suffering or death. Where children will get along with there parents, where relationships will be perfect, where fellowship will be wholesome and pure.

Every time I think of Thanksgiving when everyone sets up those wonderful long (some short) tables I can't help but think of it as a shadow or a portrait of what's to come :)

Meanwhile, we have it (Thanksgiving Day) as a token to treasure while we wait for that other day. A mini celebration where differences are set aside where we all become one in spirit. May this same spirit remain in you {us} till that day :)

Before I leave I wanted to leave you with a card I made for the occasion. The sentiment reads, "What a lovely day". I couldn't agree more :)

A blessed day of Gratitude to you all!!

Cardstock: Martha Stewart's off white
Other: I used my Sweet Paislee press ons and some floss


AnitaRex said...

What a great post Jessica! I very much enjoyed it! Also what a sweet card! Hope you have a wonderful day with your daughter and hubby!

Winter said...

Very true! I hope you had a very Blessed Tahnksgiving! :)

Meredith said...

What a beautiful post!

Courtney Baker said...

Girl you know just how to put it! Ditto to that.