Saturday, November 21, 2009

Right Here On My Couch

If I could stop time I think today would've been the day to do so. In order to understand why I'll give you a backdrop.

I was laying on the couch that slightly overlooks the hills to the east of San Jose for what seems like miles. I do live up on a hill you see. The afternoon was perfect there was a little bit of sun and a autumn chill that seemed to penetrate the sliding doors that are just a few feet away from my couch. There tucked in with my favorite fleece I was enjoying the panoramic view. Occasionally I could hear a bird or two and if everything was still enough they'd stop and peak through the doors from my balcony. I was simply soaking it all in.

However, the stillness (my peace and rest) was suddenly and might I even add abruptly interrupted by the sudden sound of footsteps.

My suspense vanished quickly. The footsteps were of none other than my husband's who had been sleeping on the other room. He came and snugged into the couch, the same couch I was in. Not more than three minutes went by and then came my little girl who had just awakened from her nap and she too came to lay on the couch. Can you imagine the scene?!? The couch was crowded!!! I stopped for a moment and thought, "there goes peace and quiet". Not yet finished reminiscing of those still moments when my husband begins to jam loud to Sons Of Korah which is a christian contemporary singing group (if you haven't heard of them I suggest you download a few of there songs they're awesome).

There I was shoved towards the back of the couch, noise all around me, little feet piercing my ribs and my husbands' head to stare at, really closely. I love quiet times... but, it's moments like these that put a smile on my face. Because it is in these moments that heaven becomes real to me. The best part is that it happens right here, on my couch :)

John Bowring said, "A happy family is but an early heaven" and I couldn't agree more with him.

Hope you have a great day with your loved ones. I'll be back tomorrow with some fun Christmas cards



FresaBonita said...

Beautiful thoughts..!
God bless you and your family.. ;)

NinaB said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jessica. I love those moments, too, when in the midst of all the noise and sometimes chaos, I realize I am truly blessed to have all that commotion come from my beloved family all around me. That is music in a mommy and wife's ears.

Kelley Eubanks said...

This is great Jessica!! What a beautiful post! Of course I am reading it as my husband and son are both gone for the night! :( I was already lonely!! Ha!! I am kidding... I am lonely but your post will help me to enjoy their homecoming tomorrow even more! :)

Winter said...

Beautiful post! :)