Monday, November 30, 2009


Hello friends!! Hope your holidays went as planned or even better :) Mine was very simple and nice. Can't go wrong with nice and simple ;)

Just wanted to pop in quickly to tell ya'll that I haven't forgotten you. I'll be back with more card creations as soon as my hubby figures out what's going on with my computer. It crashed a few days ago and we haven't been able to get it to work since :( I'm posting via my husbands computer it's rarely vacant so I took advantage :)

Hopefully it'll work and I'll be able to share some more fun cards very soon :)

May your week be full of wonder!!


Daniela Hendea {PurpleD} said...

Looking forward to your cards, Jessica!

Vanessa said...

Can`t wait to see your cards again, Jessica!


Winter said...

Glad your Thanksgiving was good! I hope you get your computer working soon! :)

travelingmama said...

Hope your computer is on the mend quickly! Hugs from Spain!

Paloma Gomez said...

Hello! I'm inviting you to go to my blog.. I'm designing SVG file kits which can be used with your SCAL I hope you like it I'll be waiting for your visit!!!

Daniela Hendea {PurpleD} said...

Jessica, hope everything is all right. Where are you? I miss you and I bet a lot of other people! :-)