Monday, January 11, 2010

A Card And Stuff!!

I wanted to stop by to share with you all some cards and answer some questions regarding crafting tools and such.

This card in particular is a very simple valentine's day card. To create it I stamped the heart image then cut and distressed it (with scissors), using my craft knife I created two slits and placed the strip of dark chocolate cardstock right through it. I then stamped the sentiment and details. Before adhering it to my base card I added faux stitch and some embossed lines using my scor-pal.

Here's a close up. So you can see the mini rhinestones I added to the little flourishes. I really like this look.

To create the faux stitch effect I use a tracing wheel or at least this is the name some crafter friends gave me. Some of you have asked what it is (you might know it by a different name) here's a picture. You can create straight lines using a ruler or zig-zag around random lines. You can find these in the little sewing kits. I find this easier than piercing.

Through out my crafting experience I've found that the tools I use the most are those that were not intended for the job. When I began making cards I wasn't sure if this was a hobby I'd really pursue so I wanted to spend the minimum amount of money. So, I would look for ways to create certain designs using what I could find. Sometimes I'd see a stamp with a sentiment I just loved but didn't want to spend $8 for it so I'd jot it down take it home type it into my computer and print it right onto my cardstock then I'd embellish around it or I like to do some distressing so I'd use a lighter and burn the edges. Once, I used blackberries to dye my card ( I know, a little extreme). I used clear nail polish to add shine to letters or hearts, etc. Needless to say I love card making and I have simplified my life by just purchasing the tools especially because I know I'm going to get my moneys worth. The tracing wheel is one of those tools that have stayed with me. The little rhinestones on my card I bought at the $1 store (they are originally for nails). I use two of my little girls foam sheets (black & white) to create a pop up effect and I have a few other things I use of that sort. All to minimize price and maximize on product :)

Some of you have been asking for a materials and I will get those up really soon. Because o the inconvenience of not having a computer for so long I just wanted to share cards :)

Another thing some of you have been asking is for me to share a bit of what my husband and I do.

My husband is a Pastor and we've been missionaries for 10 years. For a while (before baby) we were traveling quite a bit. His main focus to teach people the beauty of Jesus through service and train others how to do so and I through health. I am a Life Style Coach. So my job was and is to help people change lifestyle- reverse or prevent diseases (hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc.). I normally work with doctors. We hold expos and city wide seminars, cooking classes, natural remedies classes, massage sessions and hydrotherapy (which is treatment with water). So while I'm helping people feel better physically my husband and a team of health professionals would work on spiritual and mental healing. Before establishing ourselves in a church (which has only been a year) we would spend 1 year in a city and work with local hospitals and churches then move to another city and do the same (sort of). I love my job and it has taken me to Europe, Canada, Central America and now USA (this year I've been assigned to work the Bay Area San Francisco and I am so thrilled for the opportunity. I'll be sure to post pics of the events just so you can get a glimpse of what it looks like :) My husband will be working with networking and youth rallies same area.

Well that's all for now I'll be bak tomorrow with some more creations :)



Winter said...

So cute! I have one of those tools, I will have to break it out, because I don't own a piercer tool! I too, find other ways and products to save money! Being a SAHM, you find ways to be able to continue the craftiness on a budget! Very cool ministry ya'll have! I will continue to pray for your ministry! :)

Courtney Baker said...

So cute! I have one of those too! I didn't know all of that about your hubby and you! So cool!

Vanessa said...

Cute card and I enjoyed reading about what you do!


~kelly marie~ said...

I love reading more about you! What a wonderful and exciting life!

I love hearing your crafty creativity too!

The card is gorgeous! Love the white space!

Laura O'Donnell said...

thanks for sharing your story!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Beautiful card!! Loved to hear a bit about how you have improvised in the past and definitely about what you guys do for a living!! That is awesome!! Thanks for sharing Jessica!

Ann said...

I love how you slit the heart and attached it! So clever!