Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Girl, Faith and A Bird

Good day!!! I'm happy to be back. Sorry it took me so long. I have a sick little girl. No fun having a young one with a runny nose and the whole deal :(

However, this little girl of mine is a warrior at heart *this is where part of the title for todays post comes in* In the midst of her apparent discomfort she still carries a smile. Just yesterday I was getting ready to serve lunch and as we said grace I asked Jesus to make her feel better and she said with a great smile (still with droopy eyes) "momma, Jesus healed me"!!! I simply smiled.

Later that night I was tucking her in and I prayed with her. When I asked Jesus *again* to please help Moriah feel better she interrupted me and said, "mom, He already made me feel better, remember"?

Children have such simple and lovely faith. I sure gleaned quite a bit from this experience. Often times I hinder the goodness of God. I find myself asking and patiently waiting for some good and often times it doesn't come because we (I) lack faith, belief that He will, can and wants to do it.

Just some food for thought :)

Now for something artsy. This is the *Bird* in my title. I bought a stamp set a week ago. It's the Birdy Trio Bitsy from Basic Grey. It is such a fun stamp set. I've made a few cards using it. However, this is the only card I have a pic of.

To create it I simply stamped my bird onto pattern paper and cut out. For the wing I used different pp. I then chose the same pp to embellish my card. To balance the design I added faux stitching and a circle with a button. A very neat design with some tweaking it can became a very cool one :)

Hope your Saturday is full of blessings. Do stop and smell the roses :)



Jocelyn said...

Very cute card! I love how kids have such simple faith...if only we kept it simple as we got older. My kids are the same way:-0 Love it!

Vanessa said...

Wonderful card! Love everything about it!


Courtney Baker said...

Great card girlie! And love the story!

Cindy Lee said...

I dig this card!!! So adorable!

Kelley Eubanks said...

So cute Jessica! I love that PP!! I hope you and your daughter are feeling much better by now!

Anthonette said...

What a cute and fresh card. Love the birdie!