Friday, February 12, 2010

A Bird's Life

So the other day I went on a walk. As I was strolling down the hill I noticed a birds nest. I was with my daughter so as any *good mother* would do I stopped to give her a lesson. I talked about habitats and about bird *traditions* according to its species. I also told her of the care a mama shows for her little chick and I compared it to how God cares for us and how Jesus said that He would've loved to keep us warm under His wings as a mother hen keeps her chicks and protects them. She looked at me puzzled and said, "mama, are you a bird?"

I love the simplicity of a child. Oh, that I could have more of it. Somehow me sharing all these details about a birds life made her tender mind think I was one myself. I mean, come on how else could you know much of a bird lest you were one? Right? I simply smiled and gradually transitioned to other themes :)

Moments like these I believe create fond memories. In times of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When you pause for a moment and connect at a different level- that is life and when we add more of these instances we are creating memories worth recalling over and over. Not to mention they refuel us to go and face the, well you know, the unavoidable hustle and bustle :)

The image above is from {expressing you vinyl} in Etsy. I just discovered her shop and it is full of pretties. This one in particular went along with my post today and I just couldn't resist it. Go check her out :)

Now for the card, shall we? It is following the same theme too.

This is as simple as it gets. A few days ago I mentioned me purchasing some Hambly stickers from Michael's, remember? So here's another creation using these cuties. I tell you I have never been into stickers because the can look kind of cheesy/tacky but these make me want to use them again and again. They add to your projects and simplifies them too (great for those last minute cards).

I decided to leave this one completely blank. Some of my friends have been requesting cards without sentiments. So I'll be making a few of these.

Have you created anything lately using stickers. Let me know I'd love to see it :)

Have a lovely Friday!


Courtney Baker said...

Jessica this is just lovely!

AnitaRex said...

Oh I love that baby room. It makes me want to have another baby girl just to decorate like that! Will have to check it out so that I can find some cute baby boy since that's what I have! I love your post today! The Hambly stickers rock, they are kinda like a rub on but without the fear of not doing rub on properly or having it stick to your clear envelope (i am a clear envelope kinda girl!) I used them when I went to scrapfest at the fall at there booth (they have some great papers too) and just noticed them at Michaels too so I shall pick some up. I only saw baby ones didn't see these! Oh BTW love your new pic so nice to see more of your face!

Mary J said...

You did a fab job with that sticker - it looks embossed! So elegant, thx for sharing!

~kelly marie~ said...

What a beautiful card! It is so rich and full of texture. I love it. I just love your story too. You write so incredibly well.

I used to think the same way about stickers, but not any more! So many companies are coming out with such cool stuff!

Kelley Eubanks said...

That is so sweet! We are blessed with beautiful little people! Love the card! You inspired me with your last Hambly card to pull out my stickers and use them. I havent posted it yet but I will soon! I cant believe you bought them at Michaels. Need to see if my Michaels is selling hambly now!?!?