Monday, February 22, 2010

Just For Fun

Hey!!! How's your Monday morning so far? Mine is great. Can't complain when the sun's out :)

I wanted to stop quickly to share a card I created just for the fun of it. I've been looking at this red chrysanthemum color for a while. I love it. I was just not certain how to incorporate in my projects. So the solution... just use red chrysanthemum.

Here's my card:

Very simple design and easy to re-create. I really like the strip half way across the card. It's amazing what these little details do to cards. I also embossed lines to add a bit of more interest. I finished off with stitched buttons. Like most of my cards I added faux stitch using my tracing wheel. I distressed the edges a bit to bring the focus more to the center.

Here's a close-up of the details:

An Announcement:

Remember I had some good news to share with you all? Well it's back on the meter. Stay tuned for that very, very soon. I'll have a sweet prize coming up (can't announce it yet). So if you haven't become a Recapturing Wonders follower this is the time. Let's just say a *monthly reward* ;)

Have a great day!!


Courtney Baker said...

Okay I don't know why I wasn't a follower yet. Your in my google reader, but I guess not my follow list!

Love this card!

Kelley Eubanks said...

I love this Jessica! Absolutely gorgeous perfection!!

Winter said...

So pretty! I love the colors! :)

Laural-Lee said...

I love surprises almost as much as I love this card. Wonderful colour. And fantastic attention to detail. I'm going to have to get myself a tracing wheel. I love the effect!

Geny (Mommy Geny) said...

Pretty, perfect, wonderful card!!!

~kelly marie~ said...

Gorgeous card!! What ink is that?! I LOVE the color!

Also, I SO need a tracing wheel!

Can't wait for the surprise!

Kelly Jo said...

wow- this is soooo beautiful!!

~amy~ said...

I do so love your style...excellent card..

Vanessa said...

This is an amazing card! Your style is wonderful, love it!


Jenny said...

So pretty, love the colors! :) im having a giveaway on my blog, come check it out! :) have a fab week!