Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Month Worth Celebrating!!

Hello gals!! How's your week so far? Mine started off a bit slow. I have this nasty cold *sniff*. I can't wait to get over it. However, that's not going to keep me from celebrating. That's right!! February mark a whole year of cards here on my blog. Now that my friends is worth celebrating.

Through this year I've learned much. One of the biggest things I've learned as a blogger or am learning :) is discipline. It take some serious commitment to keep a blog going. With that being said it is sweet to know that someone(s) is reading and gleaning from ones creations. That's where you my friends come in. You make this blog thing easy and so worth it. Without you I would've given up a long time ago. It's sweet to come and find some encouragement or a compliment in one of my creations. So thanks for following/reading this *your* blog because after all you ladies are the fuel that keeps *my* blog going.

I thought it would be fun to do a countdown of cards I've created throughout this year. So sit, grab a tea or favorite drink and enjoy :)

Lets start:

February 2009- A very simple, single panel design. It actually had a pop-up sentiment inside but never got to take a pic of it :(

March 2009- This card in particular made it to Kwerner's color inspiration challenge. The little lady is a cuttlebug die cut *girlfriend* was handwritten.

April 2009- I made this Lady bug card set and fell in love with it. The design is a single panel. I cut the edge with my scalloped scissors and added color with my Versa color ink. I made this set a few times :)

May 2009- This sweet birthday card is one of my favorites. Because of the colors. This was inspired by one of Dawn's color challenges. I fell in love with the colors. I love the handmade embellie. I cut to hearts and and stamped my flower and sentiment. Very simple, huh :)

June 2009- This card is so sweet. I punched out the flower and from behind added the pattern paper so the texture is lovely :)

July 2009- This is an elegant "Miss You" kind of card. I love Damask Designs. It's one of my favorite PTI stamp sets.

August 2009- This is as vintage as I go. I love the concept but am horrified of trying it. Lace, however, makes me want to try anything- even vintage :)

September 2009- This card is one I made for my little girls 3rd birthday. I love the colors and i accomplished it using crayola color pencils. I ended up framing this card.

October 2009- Ever since I began creating cards one of the things I enjoyed the most was making my own embellishments. With so many cool things out there it's pretty simple. For this card I used my nestabilities oval scalloped die cut and cut right around it. I drew the stem and cut out.

November 2009- I love the design in this card. So many elements in the right place. Don't you just love when that happens. Some cards are just meant to be created-hassel free. this would be the one.

December 2009- Craft knife anyone?? I've own one for nearly 5 years and barley use it. The only place I'm safe with a knife is in the kitchen. Except for this card. I was so excited when I created it. I tried making more designs but then I realized why it had been put away for so long :)

January 2010- Numbers became my obsession in early December. I wasn't sure how to incorporate them into my cards. Then a little light switched in my brain I call them *creative moments* and ta-dah!!! I drew the little bee and swirl :)

That my friends was a year at a glance, phew!! I hope you were inspired. But wait the best part about having a blogiversay is a party and what better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway :) I've been working on some goodies for a few weeks now and I have a pretty decent pile of them. So stay tune because next up is giveaway and card of the year.

Thanks for stopping and dropping a line ;)


Courtney Baker said...

Love this post what a great idea Jessica!

Jocelyn said...

I just love all your cards...you do great work!!!

Julie E said...

So fun. Of course I expected to see your apron card, that is one of my personal faves!

NatQuebec said...

All these cards are so nice. I discover your blog some a couple of months ago and I am please to see these nice creations ( I haven't time to go through all your blog yet ;-))

AnitaRex said...

Congrats on blogging for a year! It is hard work but worth sharing! Plus reading others is wonderful too! Blogging is such fun! And it was fun to see your year in review!

Laura O'Donnell said...

thanks for the flashbacks, and happy blog-a-versary!

Mary J said...

Hi Jessica! Thx for visiting my blog - that calendar took me aaages! I love your cards, so professional and creative!

Laura.K said...

Wow. I love what I sought. Lovely card.
One year! Congratulations.

Stephanie said...

Jessica - what a great idea for a post & what a great post!! it was so fun to look back at your year in your eyes :) congrats & happy blogiversary!!

Geny (Mommy Geny) said...

As a relative newcomer to your blog this post was awesome, I am inpired to view all your archives! You possess so much talent girl!! Thanks for all the fun inspiration!!

travelingmama said...

Congrats, sweetie! You have had an amazing year! Your talent completely amazes me!! Wishing you all the best in another great year!

Brandi said...

What a great collection of cards! I am one of your many followers and I love coming to your blog weekly to see great inspiration!
Thanks for inspiring us!

Vanessa said...

Your work is fab, Jessica! I love your adorable cards!


Carly said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a lovely comment. This is a great post; all your cards are fantastic! I can't wait to explore your blog more! Hugs, Carly

~amy~ said...

excellent blogging year in review! I absolutely adore your style!!!!

Stephanie said...

i love the july card! You do great work!

Ann said...

These are ALL simply fabulous!!!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Awesome post and Hooray to an awesome year of posts! I think Nov 09 is my fav of them all! Love love love that card!

Cindy Lee said...

You are really really talented Jessica!!! I love your cards SO MUCH!!! You are such an inspiring designer!

~kelly marie~ said...

Such a cool post!! I absolutely loved seeing all of your cards! They are fantastic!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Thud! I am so inspired by these beauties. What fabulous work. I love your style!

Karen said...

What a fun post! You create beautifully with such a graphic eye! :>