Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brighter Days

Even though at times we might want to question whether the sun is really shinning one just has to look pass a cloud to realize it's been there all along. Sometimes we fall into despondency for something as light as vapor, a mist. Grey days will come and this thought can and will be forgotten yet when you turn the light on remember there will always be a brighter light somewhere. Whether it be the sun or the tender presence of a loved one, a friend or the best of all lights, the Sun of Righteousness- Jesus Christ :)

After so many cloudy and rainy days I couldn't help but create a card that had some sort of light and what better set than Lawn Fawn's how delightful.

Create It

1. Cut and score A2 size card. Set aside.

2. Cut border from patter paper (Sweet Marmalade collection). Set aside

3. Stamp chandelier onto wood sheet. Adhere your already cut borders.

4. Stamp sentiment onto cardstock letter and on to white piece of cardstock. Adhere as shown on card.

5. Finish off by adding yellow stickles and heart shape paper lace.

This card is a bit different for my style. I still loved it especially the texture on the wood paper. Speaking of which do any of you have Daiso stores near you? I discovered this store a while ago like 6 years and totally forgot about it. Anyhow, it's japanese and they bring the cutest things for crafts among other things at an affordable price ($1.50-$5). The wood page/laminate is amazing it's really thin real wood and it's only $1.50 (it makes three A2 cards). The heart paper lace is also from that store. I'll share pics of the different lace designs on another post.

Hope your day is as bright as the shinning sun on a fresh, clear, spring day :)



Brandi said...

Hey your back! Whoo-hoo! I missed reading your wonderful posts. Did you have fun showing your family around town? Such a cute card!

Courtney Baker said...

Very cute!

Laural-Lee said...

Love what you did with your stickles for lights. So true about the sun behind the clouds. The sun is never really gone...just hidden. It can be seen from another location (or perspective). That would be an awesome lesson to teach the kids.

Daniela Hendea {PurpleD} said...

Congratulations on your cards being published in the new Embellish Magazine!

I've always loved chandeliers stamps! Your card looks so lovely!

clouds shadler said...

Jessica, this is so cute! what a neat idea to use the wood laminate, unfortunately I dunn have a Daiso store nearby, or at least I dunn think I do, hehe, so neat!

Clouds :D

~kelly marie~ said...

Absolutely amazing card! I am in love with it!