Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Make Me Smile


Have you ever stopped to wonder the effects a smile has on someone? It can turn away anger and melt away fear. A genuine smile is the most beautiful adornment anyone can wear and the best thing of it all is that it's free!!! 

At home with spring coming on in full force we can't help but smile. We planted our herbs and the cleaning business is nearly done (that's why I've been away). Doesn't a sun shiny morning inspire you to sit by a clean organized craft table and make pretty stuff? I know it inspires me.  

This card came about after tiding up my craft corner. At the end of each week I go through my table and sort all my scraps (I dislike paper cluttered everywhere). Then I decide what to keep and what to trash. So last week I was going through my regular routine and I found a few pieces of cardstocks. The brown panel was from a card I messed up and was going to trash. Instead I cut out the piece that was good and created the backdrop for this card. Then I had some other scraps like the thin strips on the left.. those are from a previous project I'd done which needed trimming and I happened to have those still on my table. Mind you these are things I normally trash. The butterfly was another project that didn't work out... I cut it out and used as a focal point. I finished it with a super sweet Hero Arts jumbo sentiment.

Not bad huh! Especially when all this was supposed to be in the trash ;) 

Thanks for stopping!!
Have a great day and remember to smile :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You're So Kind


I just wanted to pop in quickly and share a card I made for some sweet friends of ours. They were so kind in letting us stay at their place on such short notice. I was in between travels so I had no time to prepare something super fancy but then again is it always necessary? 

I love the simplicity of this card and how beautifully (personal opinion) it conveys the message. The best thing is how quickly it all came together. Don't you just love when that happens?! 

Anyhow a little secret here... the "tree" is a leaf I collected last fall. I've been using it ever since as a template. The possibilities are endless... gather all sorts of pattern paper and the end result a forest of colors in all sizes and shapes. The "tree trunk" is an old pine needle I found along a trail. I'm sure a toothpick would work just as good. I love texture on  my cards because it gives them so much dimension and character without over doing it :) 

Well I'm off to care for my child and rush all my home duties in order to get crafty later this afternoon.

Thanks for coming by and please feel free to share any tips or things you do to add character to your projects. I can always use ideas ;) 


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Great Friend


Yesterday was another grey day around my neck of the woods. We did have a tiny break were the sun shared its glorious light only for a few minutes though... but you know I'm not complaining all this rain is forcing all the tiny hidden buds to burst wide open. It's encouraging life after many months of apparent death. So while the rain falls here or there where you are at remember it's simply helping the earth to grow :)  

Now for a card. Lately I've been coloring with pencils. I've tried markers but I guess I'm going to need a tutorial for that ;) But color pencils is a whole different story. I absolutely love the simplicity and the detail it adds to any image.

Isn't this image from Hero Arts sweet?! The photo doesn't do justice but it gives you an idea.

Here's the full card. I love this color combo so much I might have to use it on other projects.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your day is bursting with joy and gladness and some creativity ;) 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Sweet & Unusual Things

Good Day!!! 
It's good to be back. Honestly, I've missed you all so much :) It's been pretty busy around the Rosario family's house. Not to mention a bit unusual. First of all look at this image from my window. You'd think this is some 3 months ago but no this is our first day of spring (yesterday)!! It never snows where we are at let alone on the first day of spring. However, we are enjoying the coziness and the opportunity to once again bring out some of our favorite winter recipes. From sweet sticky rolls to potato soup. Ha, who would've thought all this on the first day of spring :) 

Another odd and yet wonderful thing is the adoption of our sweet Keah. The little kitty was a feral cat and was at the Humane Society for nearly 4 months. They don't usually keep them that long but since this princess was so gentle and loving they decided to keep her just a bit longer. I'm so happy they did...  My husband is kind enough to give me a sort of free day almost weekly where he takes care of the house (food, dishes, laundry, our daughter, literally the house) and on one of those days I decided to go to the Animal Shelter. To my surprise (I say this because I'm not a natural cat lover or so I thought) I saw this sweet kitty. The moment I petted her it was love at once. I immediately filled out the adoption papers just to put her on hold I still had to ask my husband if it was ok to have an indoor cat. Now he is definitely not a cat person so I was a bit worried about asking but what to do? I already had all the paper work filled out! So I began my appeal...  Fortunately it didn't take long. The next day everyone was anxious to go meet Keah. I new they (husband & daughter) would not be disappointed once they met her... 

Aren't her eyes simply gorgeous!! She's nine months old and full of curiosity. Needless to say she's our spoiled kitty. Everyone's happy she's here especially me ;) As for my puppy Mia. We ended up leaving her with my sister and mom since they took care of her for the most part of her puppyhood. We thought it was the best and most fair thing to do. Fortunately we get to see her and spoil her too :) 

I love how things that aren't necessarily planned turn out usually for the best. I guess it's the "lens" through which we view it. 

Have a great day!! I still hope for some shinny warm weather but for now I'll pull out my snuggly hot tea and the latest Paper Craft magazine and enjoy another winterish day ;) 


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's About Time


I'm sorry I've been away for so long.  I've been working on many projects... some I hope to post here on the near future ;) 

Anyhow, I hope you've had an awesome week thus far. Mine is now getting to be a bit normal... last week I was at one of my best friends wedding. I was one of her brides maid and was also in charge of wedding favors (which I can't believe we didn't take pictures of).  We had a blast... I'll post pics when I edit them :)

Because of the occasion I thought I'd post this card. I created it for another friend of mine. The reason I chose the sentiment "time" is because I wanted to write a message inside that showed the importance of spending quality time with God and each other.

I coordinated the card with a calendar. In it I marked the day and time they got married and it will hopefully be a little token or reminder of the sacred vows they made each other that day.

Well I'm off to create. Hope you find some time to make something pretty today :)

Thanks for stopping by!