Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Make Me Smile


Have you ever stopped to wonder the effects a smile has on someone? It can turn away anger and melt away fear. A genuine smile is the most beautiful adornment anyone can wear and the best thing of it all is that it's free!!! 

At home with spring coming on in full force we can't help but smile. We planted our herbs and the cleaning business is nearly done (that's why I've been away). Doesn't a sun shiny morning inspire you to sit by a clean organized craft table and make pretty stuff? I know it inspires me.  

This card came about after tiding up my craft corner. At the end of each week I go through my table and sort all my scraps (I dislike paper cluttered everywhere). Then I decide what to keep and what to trash. So last week I was going through my regular routine and I found a few pieces of cardstocks. The brown panel was from a card I messed up and was going to trash. Instead I cut out the piece that was good and created the backdrop for this card. Then I had some other scraps like the thin strips on the left.. those are from a previous project I'd done which needed trimming and I happened to have those still on my table. Mind you these are things I normally trash. The butterfly was another project that didn't work out... I cut it out and used as a focal point. I finished it with a super sweet Hero Arts jumbo sentiment.

Not bad huh! Especially when all this was supposed to be in the trash ;) 

Thanks for stopping!!
Have a great day and remember to smile :)


~amy~ said...

such a sweet card...makes ME smile:)

Tammy said...

From "trash" to TREASURE!

Geny (Mommy Geny) said...

Very pretty!!!

Lynnette said...

Love this, The pop of colors and the two stripes on the side, such a nice touch!