Sunday, April 17, 2011

Around The House


Life around here is never dull. Although I don't take the time to chronicle every single event I can assure you something crafty is always happening. We're always on the look out for wholesome fun.

Lately we've been we've been on experimenting mode. My 4 year old daughter is my best helper :) 

First up easter eggs. I've never blown out eggs before so I though this year would be it. I wen t and bought some free range organic chicken eggs and began the not so tedious process. To my surprise it was easier than I anticipated. I manage to blow out 11 out of the 12 (only one cracked). The hardest thing for me is decorating them. Here the only one I've done so far. I want to be able to preserve them and also want a CAS design on them. So I'm still looking for ideas (suggestions welcomed). 

I dyed the egg with very light pink pigment then took the border of my Sassafrass sweet marmalade pattern paper and adhered it around then finished it with tutti fruity glitter. It looks better in real life.

Next up a Gluten free triple berry macadamia muffin. I've been experimenting with gluten free baked goods from breads to desserts and everything in between. With this special diet I've noticed that the key for good eating is to plan ahead. I don't buy frozen or packaged foods because they don't always taste good and they are very expensive. So making everything from scratch is crucial and also more enjoyable :) 

This muffin recipe is a compilation of recipes. I'm still trying to simplify it and when I do if you're interested in it shoot me an email and I'll be more than happy to share it with you :) If you are not GF then try it with your favorite blueberry muffin recipe simply substitute the blueberries for triple berries and add macadamias. It's a real treat and plus it looks pretty.

And last but certainly not least... we've begun our herb garden. My daughter has her tiny flat and I have mine. We are growing cilantro, parsley, oregano, basil and chamomile (just for the pretty flowers and we love the tea). So far everything is blooming wonderfully. We can't wait to transfer them to our vintage pots and display them in the kitchen where they will be used for our everyday cuisine.

Well those are some of the things that have kept us busy around here lately. I'm also working on some more projects for the Moxie Fab World Challenges. I'll be back in a few to post up my take on the In My Beautiful Balloon challenge. Today is the last day so hurry and get your creative caps on and see you there ;)

Hope your Sunday is full of wonder and charm!!

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