Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maybe A Cupcake Will Help


It's been a week since I've been around. I've missed you all :) I'll tell you things pile high rather quickly. I had some minor oral surgery (kept me down for two days), then my daughter had the nasty flu, and finally I found out that our move to Oregon is official, Eugene here we come!!! So to say that my house has been hectic for the last week would be a major understatement. 

Nothing like a cupcake to ease the confusion... especially if it's stamped and colored in yummy colors ;) Lately I've been creating treat cards. Like the one above. They are cute and easy to pair with anything. If you just want to say hello, miss you, love you, happy birthday... a cupcake will do the job. From the many I have in my stamp collection I found myself attracted to the yummy Lawn Fawn treats. Here are a couple of more cards created with {this} stamp set from Lawn Fawn.

 I used the same color scheme for all three since it's so cheery.

There you have it my craving for cupcakes has been somewhat appeased... Hope you enjoyed the inspiration. I'll be back soon to post some more creations. 

On a different note a very exciting one too. My blog is going to go through some major changes. I hope to make it easier to navigate, clean and I'll be including my newest project which is crafty but on a different level. I'll be posting more as the day gets closer!! I can't wait to share it with you all :) 


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Brandi said...

I just love these cupcake cards. The first one is my favorite with the felt. Good luck on your move to Oregon. I have always wanted to visit there because I here it is so beautiful. Maybe one day I will be able to mark that off my bucket list. Have a great weekend and hope you feel better from your oral surgery. I know that can't be fun at all.